Our History

At the top of elegance and luxury, fine jewelery is constantly balancing between creation and tradition, innovation and expertise, audacity and mastery.


A family business founded in 1855 and currently run by William Gordon, fifth generation of a key institution in the field of jewelery, Gordon house staged since its constitution the most beautiful stones and materials in prestigious creations. Constantly listening to its customers, his creations reflect their requirements.


As creator who considers his job as an art, William Gordon favors listening and personal contact. For home Gordon, each client is unique and deserves special attention, to help find the jewel that accurately reflects his personality.


unique creations or limited series, the jewelry Gordon enroll in both their time and in the tradition of Haute Joaillerie. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, white diamonds or colored stones ... always at the heart of creation. With an expertise in gemology transmitted from generation to generation, the gems are cut, adjusted and set by hand, with a wide selection techniques chosen for the part to be produced and selected materials. 


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